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Why Can't I Rent A Car In Bermuda?

As a train tour company, we meet a lot of visitors to the island, and one question we’re asked regularly by our
customers is why they’re unable to rent a car in Bermuda. Here’s a brief explanation:

Too Much Traffic
Put simply, there are already too many cars on the road in Bermuda, to the point that commuters travelling in and out of Hamilton (our Capital) regularly experience severe delays at peak times. Our small size and very thin roads have even caused the Ministry of Transport to enforce a rule declaring that no local resident is allowed to register more than one car per home address. Essentially, allowing tourists to rent cars would contribute to heightened gridlock.

Adjusting To The Roads
For many tourists who visit here for the first time, adjusting to the left-hand side driving and narrow roads is intimidating enough on a scooter, let alone a car. As a matter of safety, tourists are only allowed to rent motorbikes due to their smaller size, maneuverability and less powerful acceleration.

Take The Train!
If you’re looking for a fun, safe way to see some of Bermuda’s most beautiful sights, why not take a tour with the Bermuda Train Company? You’ll see our beautiful island from the comfort of a charming, covered, open-air “train” (actually a road vehicle that mimics the look of a train) that offers daily tours during peak season. We’ve also added new routes for our upcoming season! Check out our homepage for more details.